DISTRACT-BALL® Distraction Device- High Intensity Light and Sound


Main Features:

  • High intensity strobe and 110+ decibel alarm distraction device.
  • Robust Thermoplastic-Vulcanite housing with high impact resistant lenses.
  • (2) 1040 lumens high power CREE LED lights first activated in strobe mode.
  • Water resistant design.
  • Includes AC adaptor and rechargeable battery.
  • Spherical housing allows unit to be rolled or tossed into room.
  • Cycles to constant illumination mode to facilitate room clearing and location of dangerous suspects.
  • Measures 2.5″ in diameter and weighs only 6.6 oz.


Durendal LLC’s DISTRACT-BALL ® is a highly innovative device that provides civilians and law enforcement a non-explosive distraction tool for use in active attacker encounters or precautionary measures in suspicious encounters.  Utilizing a combination of high powered CREE LED lights and intense sound, the DISTRACT-BALL is thrown or rolled toward potential threats, creating a momentary and effective distraction that disorients and confuses hostile attackers.  The device can be deployed in countless numbers of situations from active attacker events to facilitate escape or counter attack, combat room clearing, home invasion countermeasures, and law enforcement raids where explosive flash bangs and other such devices may not be practical or safe to use.

The DISTRACT-BALL can also be programmed by the factory to customize the delay, start, duration and type (intermittent/strobe or continuous) of both sound and light effects to match each particular application.  The default setting cycles in the following sequence:  pressing the recessed button switch will emit two soft audible clicks to indicate that the device is armed.  Approximately a 2 second delay after arming, the unit will sound a high pitched alarm at over 110 decibels through an acoustically optimized speaker.  The delay gives time for the defender to toss the ball into a room or roll it into position.  At the same time the alarm is sounding, 2 high powered CREE lights (1040 lumens each) emit a strobing pattern for 7 seconds.  The lights are located on either side of the unit for maximum directional coverage.  Once the alarm stops and strobes finish, the DISTRACT-BALL resumes in static mode where the LED lights stay on constant illumination for room clearing and hands-free operations within any given situation.

CREE LED lights represent a dramatic advancement in LED lighting: they are so powerful that even momentary exposure can have a dramatic impact on the human eye, leaving those exposed significantly hindered for an extended period of time, depending on the duration and level of exposure.  The DISTRACT-BALL does not use combustion or explosive events to generate illumination and sound effects so it can be safely used in any enclosed environments to create effective distraction regardless of the presence of flammable or combustive gasses/chemicals, thus, eliminating the risks of causing damaging and costly explosions.  The unit has a shell made with the toughest and hardest Thermoplastic-Vulcanite available with two high impact resistant lenses and is water resistant, rechargeable, and re-usable.

An overall excellent distraction technology, DISTRACT-BALL diverts attention for few seconds in order to give a distinct tactical advantage in controlling dangerous situations.  Ask us about other variations of the DISTRACT-BALL that allow for constant illumination for room clearing without the sound alarm or the Infra-Red version that produces light only visible with night vision scopes.  The units are also available in a package set with a hard sided case for team deployments.

*This product incurs an additional 10% fee in sales tax if delivered to an address in Arizona.  This rate is not reflected in the shopping cart so the customer will be contacted upon ordering to proceed with the sale.

Additional information

Weight .41 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 in


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