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According to studies in the U.S., where do most active attacker incidents happen?

According to the FBI's 2014 study, over 45% of active shooter incidents from 2000-2013 took place in a place of commerce (businesses open or closed to the public). 24% of incidents took place at a place of education. Government property came in at 10% and houses of worship were nearly 4% of all incidents.

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“Run.  Hide.  Fight.”

“…your program gave us the confidence and mindset that we really could be victors and not the victims in a situation that would have likely overwhelmed us before.”

Bill B., Patrol One

“Once again I wanted to say thanks for a wonderful experience in your class, I could not have selected a better program if I had tried and have already told several friends.”

Tim A.

“Being that we work in an area that has the potential to be volatile, learning to be aware of your surroundings by being able to identify body language, talking about strategies PRIOR to an incident occurring and learning hands-on self-defensive tactics has not only made me feel empowered, but has prompted me to engage in conversations with colleagues, friends and family on various plans in those ‘what if’ situations.”

Kari T.

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