TASER Pulse + with 2 Live Cartridges



Main Features:

  • Most effective electroshock weapon in the industry.
  • Projectile darts accurately reach 15 feet.
  • Integrated laser sight and light assist with aiming.
  • 30 second shock cycle allows defender time to leave unit and get to safety.
  • Same voltage, amperage, and waveform as law enforcement versions.
  • Noonlight mobile app compatible to summon law enforcement upon discharge.
  • Includes (2) live cartridges and conductive practice target.
  • Powered by common CR123 batteries.

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Personal electroshock devices, including stun guns, can be effective against violent attackers by providing deterrence, pain compliance, and even temporary incapacitation.  TASER products have proven to be the most effective of all electroshock weapons because they don’t primarily rely on pain compliance or direct contact with the device to produce the desired effect.  Research trials have concluded that a TASER discharge can be as effective as a 9mm handgun round in achieving incapacitation of the subject.  Contact of the projectile darts to an attacker will produce disorientation, confusion, muscle spasm, subject collapse, and/or momentary unconsciousness.  Proper use can create a critical opportunity for escape or a counter attack by the victim.

The TASER Pulse + uses the same proprietary circuitry and electric charge strength as the TASER model units used by law enforcement.  The Pulse + projects 2 darts at 180 feet per second connected to conductive wiring which can accurately hit an attacker at a distance of 15 feet.  The Pulse + unit then delivers 50,000 volts of electroshock signals for a continuous 30 seconds that disrupts the body’s voluntary muscle system.  Known as Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI), the nervous system’s signals are scrambled and overridden, often causing the subject to collapse immediately.  Once the 30 second cycle has ended, the trigger can be pressed again to start another 30 second cycle if the darts are still in contact with the attacker.  The cartridge can also be removed and the unit now functions as a contact stun gun.  The defender also has the option of dropping the TASER and running to safety.  If a police report of the self-defense incident is filed and a copy is provided to TASER, the company will provide a brand new unit to the customer for free.

The TASER Pulse + includes 2 live cartridges and a conductive practice target.  The unit is equipped with a built-in laser sight and flashlight to help with targeting.  The upgraded Pulse + unit no longer uses a proprietary and expensive battery pack.  Instead, the devices is powered with (2) CR123 batteries that are commonly found at electronic stores.  The Pulse + also comes Bluetooth ready to connect with the Noonlight mobile app.  When subscribed to the optional service, your TASER will notify law enforcement through your phone that your TASER has been discharged and help will be directed to your location.

The Pulse + is available in the color black.  For a limited time, it can also be purchased in sunshine yellow, electric blue, or clear.  Contact us for holster options and to purchase additional cartridges.  As with other electroshock products sold on our website, we are unable to ship internationally.  Additionally, some U.S. states and city jurisdictions have prohibitions and restrictions against TASERs.  If we are unable to ship to your state, we will provide you with a refund.  It is your responsibility to know and abide by local laws.  A quick reference chart for U.S. laws regarding TASER purchase and possession can be found HERE.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 5.25 × 4.75 in



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