Shipping and Order Times

Most bulletproof soft armor products (level II and IIIA) are fabricated when ordered.  Because of the recommended shelf-life for soft armor, our manufacturers do not have large quantities of panels and vests on stock.  The demand for products in the bulletproof industry can be highly reactive to recent violent incidents.  As such, shipping delays from the time or ordering could go out with same-day shipping or could take up to several months for some products.  We sell hundreds of products made by several manufacturers and they do not always update us on their availability.  Consequently, it is impossible for us to keep the website completely accurate as to what may actually be ready to ship or not.  If you need your products within a specific delivery time, please contact us before ordering and we will contact the manufacturer for their shipping time estimate.  Rifle plates are more easily kept in stock, but these products are also highly subject to fluctuations in demand.  AVS will do our very best to keep the customer apprised with tracking numbers and notice of long delays, but we ultimately have no control over the shipping process unless we happen to have the item already in stock.

AVS is also not responsible for lost or stolen items once the item has shipped.  You will be provided with a tracking number and in cases of high value items, a signature confirmation will be required upon delivery.  Once your order leaves AVS or the drop shipping manufacturer, any incidents of missing deliveries, redirected deliveries, stolen packages, or other disputes are the sole responsibility of the shipping carrier (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.).  A “shipped” order is defined as an order that has left the facility of AVS or the drop shipping manufacturer.  Once this occurs, AVS has met its obligations for fulfilling the transaction and order.  If something happens to your order while in transit or in the process of delivery, you agree to hold AVS harmless and to report the matter to the shipping carrier.  All of the shippers that AVS or the manufacturers use have a claims process to follow.  AVS will assist the customer as much as they are able to help communicate with the shipping carrier if needed to file a claim, but AVS cannot be financially or otherwise liable for packages that are lost or stolen.  Due to the risk of fraudulent claims of non-delivery, stolen packages, or simply mistakes made by the shipping carrier, AVS cannot control many factors regarding delivery once your order has left our possession.  By purchasing, you agree to absolve AVS of shipping disputes as described and to file the appropriate claims with the shipping carrier.  As no refunds will be given through AVS for packages lost in transit, please check with us regarding additional insurance before purchasing.  Most orders do carry some form of insurance, but not always because it depends on the drop shipper and which carrier they use.  If this is a concern for you, please contact us prior to ordering and we can help you find out if your shipping will be covered by insurance or if that will be an additional cost.

Purchase of Bulletproof Products

If you are purchasing ballistic armor products (backpacks, panel inserts, notebooks, vests, etc.), you must comply with local and federal laws regarding their use.  Most products of protection level IIIA are exportable to other countries.  Level IIIA products are legal to own and use in every U.S. state (with the exception of New York that does not allow purchase of body armor by civilians).  You must contact us via email to enquire about international shipping fees.  By default, we charge a flat $50 USD per order for international shipping, but there may be additional expenses.  If shipping exceeds $50, we will notify you of any additional costs and give you the option to pay the balance or cancel your order for a full refund.  We also reserve the right to cancel any order if we’re restricted to selling the product to your country.  If it is legal for us to ship to your country, it is still your responsibility to ensure that it is legal for you to possess and use.  Type III and IV level rifle threat protection is regulated by U.S. Customs and State Department laws.  In compliance with these laws, there are extra verifications which must be completed before Active Violence Solutions, LLC (AVS) will sell them to a customer.

As per our own policy, we will not knowingly sell any ballistic protection products to a customer under the age of 18, a convicted felon, or any person we feel by our discretion may use the products for any unlawful purpose.  Sales to the state of Connecticut must also be done face-to-face.  We can direct you to a retailer who can assist you if this is your situation.  As of July, 2022, we are no longer able to sell body armor to private citizens of the State of New York.  As their law becomes clarified, there may be exceptions for certain security industry professionals and we will make exceptions accordingly. 

By purchasing ballistic protection products, you certify that you are not a “restricted” person as outlined above.  We reserve the right to cancel any order for non-compliance to these rules and to deduct any processing fees before returning your payment.

Use of Bulletproof Products

AVS is a distributor for several bulletproof technology companies and not the manufacturer.  All of our manufacturers have either certified their products directly through the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) for the corresponding level of threat protection or they have conducted testing that meets the same NIJ standards.  Level IIIA products meet NIJ standard 0101.06 and the anti-ballistic material has been independently tested to the threat Level IIIA standard.  Threat Level IIIA rated anti-ballistic material is resistant to most all handgun ammunition including .22SR, .22LR .25, .32, .38, .380, .357 Magnum, 9mm Full Metal Jacket, .40 Cal., .45cal. and .44 Magnum.  Most of the personal body armor worn by law enforcement is threat level II or IIA, both are a lower level of protection.  Level III, III+, and IV protection are rated for increasing levels of caliber rifle threats.  Please see each individual item for specifics.  Bulletproof products are for self defense only and should not substitute safe behavior.  Any modifications to the “bulletproof panels” or “bulletproof backpacks” may affect the anti-ballistic resistance of the products.  Do not modify the bulletproof backpacks or anti ballistic panels.  Do not re-use the product(s) if the product has been shot or stabbed or has been subject to shooting level forces, slashes, stabs, punctures, rips, tears or cuts.

Level II or IIIA soft armor products are labeled clearly to show that those products are only designed to protect against slashing and jabbing from knives and are anti-stab protection only.  They will resist stabbing, but are not tested to any specific standard to prevent complete penetration of the material from stabbing.  No body armor or ballistic resistant material or product has been created that is 100% bulletproof.  As such, do not intentionally test any product in any manner that would place people in physical danger.  AVS is not vicariously liable for any claims made by any manufacturers’ products sold online or in person.  Please see the individual manufacturers’ websites for NIJ certifications.  By purchasing products from AVS, you agree to hold AVS harmless from any injury, including death, that may result from the use, misuse, or criminal use of products purchased through AVS.  As with any self-defense product, it is your responsibility to restrict access from those who may misuse it for criminal purposes.

Returns and Warranties

AVS does not have a warranty or return policy separate from those of the individual manufacturers and their products we carry.  Please contact BulletBlocker, AR500 Armor, Safe Life Defense, Bodyguard Body Armor, Leatherback Gear, or other manufacturers which correspond to the company listed on the product description page of the item you have purchased.  Because of the nature of bulletproof material, under no circumstances can used items or clothing be returned.  If the product is defective or incorrectly ordered, please contact the manufacturer directly.  If you are unable to find their correct contact information, we will be happy to assist you.  If the manufacturer accepts a product return, AVS will refund the amount of your purchase, less any restocking fees that the manufacturer imposes and/or processing fees that we are unable to recover from our credit card processors.  These processing fees are generally only unrecoverable after about 5 months or more have passed since the time of purchase.

Order cancellations cannot be made after the product has been shipped.  In the case of custom-made clothing or accessories, cancellations can not be made if the manufacturer has already started fabricating the product.  In such a case, a refund may still be possible according to the manufacturer’s polices, but not a cancellation.  A refund, as explained above, requires returning the item in an unused condition to receive credit from your purchase.  Please do not return items without first contacting the manufacturer and receiving approval according to their policy.  If you are unsatisfied with a purchase, have not yet received your order, or need to cancel for another reason, please DO NOT initiate a chargeback of the purchase through your credit card company without first trying to contact us to resolve the concern.  Chargebacks can begin a lengthy processes and they incur fees to us which are unnecessary if we’re able to resolve the concern with you directly.  We strive to provide complete satisfaction with every order, but to do so we need effective communication with the customer and the chargeback process is often a hinderance to quick and hassle-free resolution.

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