MIRA Safety ParticleMax P3 Virus Filter – 6 Pack


Main Features:

  • P3-certified protection (according to EN 143:2000 standards) filters out 99.9999+% of biothreats (not suitable for other CBRN threats)
  • For use with standard 40mm NATO threaded half-masks, full-face respirators, and PAPR
  • Lightweight (100g) construction
  • Prevents aerosol and airborne transmission of viral and bacterial threats down to particles a small as .2 microns
  • Hydrophobic filter paper is ideal for decontamination showers
  • 20-year shelf life
  • Order includes a set of (6) filters


The MIRA Safety ParticleMax P3 filter is an ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) filtration canister with 40 mm standard NATO threading.  This makes it compatible with both the CM-7M and CM-6M gas masks found on our website.  Unlike full spectrum threat filters, the ParticleMax is specifically designed to protect only against the smallest of particulate matter down to .2 microns.  This filters out 99.9999+% of biothreats and illnesses whether they be viral or bacterial or transmitted by aerosol or airborne.  The filter uses grade 16 filter paper which results in a MERV rating of 20 and the designation of P3 (the highest attainable for air filtration quality).  When utilized with a properly sealing CBRN mask or respirator, the filter will eliminate transmission of almost all environmental biothreats, including widespread pandemics like Ebola, coronavirus (including COVID-19) and H1N1.  The filter does not however provide other CBRN protection.  If you’re desiring chemical, nuclear, or radiological threat protection, please consider the NBC-77 SOF, VK-450, or DotPro 320 filters found on our website.

This set of 6 ParticleMax filters provides a economical way to stock up on filtered protection from biothreats and airborne illnesses.  The filters have a shelf life of 0f 20 years when stored properly.  While the filter paper itself cannot be decontaminated with disinfectants, the filter and canister are reusable to some degree.  If the filter cannot be replaced, the Centers for Disease Controls (CDC) currently recommends cleaning the outside hard surfaces of the canister if viral contact is suspected.  By quarantining the filter for 3 weeks, viral threats are unlikely to survive and the filter may then be used again.  By having several filters on hand, they can be rotated for use over several weeks.  The filters are act as a hydrophobic barrier (resistant to water) which allows them to be used in decontamination showers.  These filters use standard round threads according to STANAG 4155 (EN 148- 1) – Rd 40×1/7″ or GOST 8762-75 (40x4mm).  This allows them to be used with other compatible full-faced masks, mouthpiece assemblies, or PAPR.  The filters are also rated to the TH3 P R SL standard according to EN 12941 and TM3 P R SL according to EN 12942.

*Filter is shown attached to a gas mask.  Gas mask not included.


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