AccuFire Keychain Pepper Spray with Laser Sight


Main Features:

  • 18% OC Pepper Spray.
  • Push-button activated laser sight.
  • Firing range up to 16 feet.
  • Contains an ultra violet marking dye to help identify the assailant.
  • Non-leak keychain hard case with built in key ring and belt clip.
  • Twist-top for quick one-handed deployment and prevents accidental discharge.
  • Contents will fire 7-9 one second bursts.
  • Lifetime free replacement if used in self-defense after warranty registration. 

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Chemical defense sprays, including OC pepper spray, can be effective in temporarily incapacitating and/or distracting violent attackers.  This in turn can create a critical opportunity for escape or a counter attack.  Research has shown however that over half of those who use chemical defense sprays fail to hit their intended assailant.  Part of this is due to the defender not knowing how to properly aim the device.  For pepper spray to be effective, it should be ready when danger is suspected and deployed at a reasonable distance, targeted to cover the eyes, nose, and mouth.  Guard Dog Security addresses this challenge with a laser sight integrated into the AccuFire Keychain.  The push-button laser is positioned in a natural grip position, leaving the user empowered and confident the assailant will be targeted upon use.  Guard Dog uses the world’s hottest ingredients in their pepper spray, is laboratory tested, and includes a UV identifying dye.  The hard case is available in black or pink colors.

As with other pepper spray products sold on our website, we are unable to ship internationally.  Additionally, some U.S. states and city jurisdictions have prohibitions and restrictions against pepper spray.  It is your responsibility to know and abide by local laws.  A quick reference chart for U.S. laws regarding pepper spray can be found HERE.  Due to shipping costs for this item, it has a minimum quantity order of three.


Additional information

Case color

Black, Pink


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