MC Armor Women’s Bulletproof Perfect Tank Top- NIJ Level II or IIIA Protection


Main Features:

  • NIJ Level II or IIIA Protection against handgun and shotgun threats.
  • Winner of the Red Award 2016 Point Design Award.
  • Infused micro-PCMs thermoregulated fabric to disperse body heat.
  • Front and back protection of vital organs.
  • Washable fast drying carrier with two full opening zippers.
  • Breathable, stretchy mesh for greater comfort.
  • Weighs approximately 2.4 lbs – 4.5 lbs, depending on size and rating.


The “Perfect Tank Top” is MC Armor’s flagship bulletproof concealable vest.  Part of their Gold line of products, this latest version of their Tank Top vest incorporates NASA space technology in microencapsulated phase change materials, or micro-PCMs.  These micro-PCMs infused within the carrier thermoregulate the vest which disperses body heat to maintain a temperature responsive vest that stays much cooler than vests without the technology.  The Tank Top  is designed to protect vital organs while remaining hidden as underclothing.  Colombian clothing designer Miguel Caballero is world renowned for having customized his stylized bulletproof clothing for celebrities and world leaders, including U.S. presidents.  Thanks to its innovative design and development, the Bulletproof Tank Top received the “2016 Red Dot Design Award” in Germany.  Weighing approximately 2.4  lbs – 4.5 lbs depending on the sizing and level of protection chosen, the Tank Top is effortless worn in all-day situations.  The carrier is fast drying and made of a durable, breathable mesh that is semi-stretchy to allow for greater flexibility.  Two side zippers allow the vest to unzip fully on both ends, making it easy to take on and off.  The panels are removable so that the carrier can be washed.

The MC Armor Tank Top is available in black or white colors and in NIJ certified II or IIIA protection levels.  Level II vests may take 4-6 weeks for delivery due to special ordering from the Colombian factory.  Level IIIA adds a little more weight and rigidity to the garment.  You can visit our page that describes the difference in threat protection HERE.  The MC Armor Tank Top is designed to give more coverage to the lower abdomen than similar vests in the industry.  The Tank Top is also now available in standard coverage or can fabricated with side protection panels for full width protection of the ribs on both sides.  There is also the option to purchase a standalone waist cummerbund called the TT Belt that can be added to any vest to provide additional side coverage without buying a vest with it already integrated.

This product page is for the female version of the Tank Top which has a different pattern cut for the chest, providing a better fit and comfort than the male version.  The male version can be found HERE.  For those who are also familiar with a standard vest fitting, you may notice that the front panel extends 2-3 inches lower over the stomach than other vests.  This is the proper normal fit for this vest.  Some customers, such as law enforcement officers wearing a large duty belt, request that the vest panel be shortened so that the bottom doesn’t push against the belt when they sit.  MC Armor can customize the vest for this purpose if desired.  For sizing, please refer to the graphic below.  If you don’t fit within one of the standard sizes or want the front panel shortened, please contact us for custom fitting options.


Additional information


S, M, L, XL, XXL (+ $55)


Black, White

Coverage Option

Standard, Full Wrap Side Coverage (+ $150)

Protection Rating

Level II, Level IIIA


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