MC Armor Bulletproof TT Belt- NIJ Level IIIA Side Wrap Protection


Main Features:

  • NIJ Level IIIA Protection against handgun and shotgun threats.
  • Wide protection coverage of abdomen sides and most of the front and back.
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum unrestricted movement.
  • Breathable, fast drying mesh material for greater comfort.
  • Weighs approximately 3 lbs.


The TT Belt made by MC Armor is designed to add side and abdomen ballistic protection to enhance coverage of bulletproof vests that don’t already have lateral coverage.  It’s recommended to be used in conjunction with MC Armor’s Tank Top vest, but can also be used with other brands that don’t already have panels on the sides.  The TT Belt can also be paired with a rifle plate carrier to provide Level IIIA protection for areas commonly left unprotected by rifle plate carriers.  Most of the vests and clothing we sell that are made by MC Armor and BulletBlocker have options to have integrated full side wrap protection.  However, one benefit of the TT Belt design is that it’s removable and independent of the vest system so it can be removed when maximum flexibility and concealability is needed or it can be added to a vest when maximum protection is desired.

The TT Belt is fabricated of a lightweight, breathable, and fast drying mesh material that is ergonomically constructed to maximize unrestricted movement.  The cummerbund is secured with a hook and loop closure system and is meant to be worn underneath clothing.  The TT Belt also provides some extra support and stability to the lower back.  Color options are white and black.  For sizing, please refer to only the waist contour dimension on the graphic below.  If you don’t fit within one of the standard sizes, please contact us for custom fitting options.  *Note, this product listing is for the TT Belt only and does not include a ballistic vest as depicted in some photos.


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