BodyGuard Bulletproof Level IIIA Peacemaker Concealed Carry Jacket


Main Features:

  • Level IIIA Peacemaker concealed jacket kit includes (2) level soft armor insert panels
  • 10″ x 12″ panels meet NIJ standards to stop up to .44 Magnum handgun rounds and virtually all shotgun blasts
  • Constructed of 3-layer, lightweight nylon-Spandex weatherproof material
  • Breakaway conceal carry system uses false pockets, allowing easy access to a weapon
  • Jacket can be purchased separately without armor inserts


The BodyGuard “Peacemaker” bulletproof jacket offers front and back level IIIA ballistic protection like a bulletproof vest, plus is has a patented hidden draw system that allows you to access a concealed firearm while remaining completely undetected.  The Peacemaker the ultimate Every Day Carry Jacket.

Bulletproof coverage is provided by two soft armor 10″ x 12″ tapered Kevlar panels that cover the vital organs from the front and back.  The pockets that store the panels can be stored away without the armor as well, allowing the garment to be worn as a normal jacket, unzipped in the front.  The insert pockets will fit any 10″ x 12″ tapered soft armor inserts so there is an option to buy the jacket alone without the armor inserts.

Fabricated especially with those who conceal carry firearms, the front pockets of the jacket are “false pockets” that allow easy access directly to a firearm or other defensive weapon.  When drawing the firearm, the pocket will break away while raising the weapon, allowing an unimpeded presentation.  The Peacemaker jacket is lightweight and breathable, but constructed of three layers of weatherproof nylon-Spandex material, fabricated to withstand winds of up to 100mph.  See the sizing chart below for a correct fit.


* NOTICE WHEN PURCHASING*  The BUY NOW link will take you to an affiliate link on the manufacture’s direct website.  You will be purchasing directly from Bodyguard and consequently all matters related to the transaction, refunds, exchanges, warranties, tracking information on shipping, and customer service will be handled by Bodyguard (Self Defense Company) and not Active Violence Solutions.  We are still happy to help answer any of your questions regarding the product before purchase.


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