Katana Concealed Stun Gun with Tactical Flashlight


Main Features:

  • Over 5 million volt stun gun concealed within a tactical flashlight.
  • 400 lumen bright white flashlight with 100,000 hour bulb life.
  • 3 light settings: high 400 lumens, low 100 lumens, and strobe 400 lumens.
  • Constructed of sturdy type III aircraft aluminum.
  • Rechargeable battery with AC cable.
  • Emergency glass breaker bezel and steel-point tail cap.
  • Includes leather holster.
  • Lifetime warranty. 


Personal electroshock devices, including stun guns, can be effective against violent attackers by providing deterrence, pain compliance, and even temporary incapacitation.  If applied for a sufficient duration of time by direct contact, stun guns can produce disorientation, confusion, muscle spasm, subject collapse, and unconsciousness.  Proper use can create a critical opportunity for escape or a counter attack by the victim.

Guard Dog Security has combined a powerful stun gun with no visible prongs, concealed within the bevel of their tactical flashlights.  Activating the single-handed button, the Katana sparks loudly and delivers over 5 million volts of electricity.  A safety switch prevents accidental use and the included leather carry holster further protects in from being turned on until needed.  The Katana also serves a double self-defense function by also producing 400 lumens of bright white light to temporarily blind and deter an assailant or help guide the user to safety.  A slide switch activates the unit for use as an everyday flashlight with two different brightness levels and a strobe function.  The flashlight body is constructed of a ridged type III aircraft aluminum shaft, designed to break and shatter hard surfaces with the durable body.  The whole device is shockproof and the steel-point tail cap can be used as a glass breaker in emergencies or as striking implement for self-defense.  The battery is rechargeable through the included AC plug.

As with other electroshock products sold on our website, we are unable to ship internationally.  Additionally, some U.S. states and city jurisdictions have prohibitions and restrictions against stun guns.  It is your responsibility to know and abide by local laws.  A quick reference chart for U.S. laws regarding stun guns and pepper spray can be found HERE.

Additional information

Dimensions 7.75 × 1.56 in


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