Bulletproof STELLAR Armor Jacket- NIJ Level IIIA Protection


Main Features:

  • NIJ Level IIIA Protection against handgun and shotgun threats.
  • New 3-ballistic panel system for front and back protection of vital organs and enhanced concealability.
  • Heavy-duty rainproof outer shell.
  • Velcro arm area for attaching identification patches.
  • 15 hidden pockets to store gear and documents.
  • Weighs approximately 6 lbs, depending on size and rating.


The Bulletproof STELLAR Armor Jacket is a waterproof tactical raincoat for the most extreme environment conditions and missions.  The hooded jacket has a heavy duty outer shell which closes with a front zipper closure system, hiding the removable front and back ballistic panels.  The ballistic panels are NIJ certified in Level IIIA protection, capable of stopping virtually every modern shotgun and handgun threat.  The panels can be removed for cleaning and washing the vest.  Also hidden within the jacket are up to 15 pockets, including a Napoleon chest pocket to store gear and documents.  The jacket comes in an all black color.

MC Armor was founded by Colombian clothing designer Miguel Caballero who is world renowned for creating customized bulletproof clothing for celebrities and world leaders, including U.S. presidents.  The STELLAR jacket is part of Miguel’s Gold Line of fashion conscious protection wear.  The jacket weighs approximately 6 lbs with the soft panels installed.  Due to the exclusivity in this product line for this jacket, average shipping and delivery time takes between 4 -6 weeks after placing an order due to the length of time needed for fabrication at the Colombian factory.



Additional information

Weight 6 lbs

M, L, XL, XXL (+ $85), XXXL (+$170)


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