Bulletproof K9 Shadow Vest- NIJ Level IIIA Protection for Dogs


Main Features:

  • NIJ Level IIIA ballistic protection over all vital areas to protect against virtually every handgun and shotgun threat.
  • Weighs 4 lbs or less with maximum flexibility for movement.
  • Washable, rip-resistant, water repelling, heavy duty nylon carrier.
  • Detachable front chest panel.
  • D-ring and top handle for leashes and crowd control work.
  • Large Velcro side areas for applying identification patches.


Bulletblocker is a leader in the industry of bulletproof protection for dogs.  Whether in the line of duty in military, police, or security work or for added precaution while at the range or while hunting, the K9 Shadow vest is guaranteed to provide maximum coverage of your dog’s vital organs, including the sides, chest, abdomen, and back.   The Shadow vest incorporates an advanced form fitting design with Dupont’s latest Kevlar weave, the Dupont XP.  The Dupont XP is the latest technology improvement to bullet resistant material and allows designers to fabricate vests which are twice as thin as the previous Kevlar weaves.  This translates to a far more flexible and breathable vest with all the same level IIIA protection rated to stop up to .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, 9mm, .45, hollow point ammunition, and shotgun blasts.  The thinness and flexibility of the K9 Shadow vest makes it perfect for contouring to a canine’s body while maintaining a comfortable fit and lightweight load.  The largest of the vest sizes only weighs 4 lbs and is evenly distributed across the body. 

The Shadow vest has a detachable front chest panel that can be removed when not needed.  An easy access handle is located on the top for crowd control and a D-ring is integrated for attaching leashes.  Large Velcro sections on the side allow for the placement of identification patches.  The durable nylon carrier repels water, resists rips, and is machine washable.  Adjustable straps, clips, and Velcro will custom-fit any sized dog.  After the initial sizing, only one zipper is needed to put on or remove the vest.  The Shadow is available in 4 colors.

After purchasing, please download and fill out the sizing sheet from the link HERE.  Then email your completed sheet to BulletBlocker at Sizing@bulletblocker.com



Additional information

Weight 4 lbs

Black, OD Green, Tan, Camo


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