AXIL GS Extreme 2.0 Digital Hearing Protection


Main Features:

  • Digital ear buds compress loud noises by up to 30 dB SNR.
  • Incredible hearing protection for tactical responders who need to hear ambient noise.
  • Damaging sounds over 85 dB are compressed while speech and low noises are electronically amplified.
  • Bluetooth audio connects to enabled devices, allowing you to listen to music, watch movies on a laptop, etc.
  • Smartphone compatible to Bluetooth 5.0 devices, allowing you to answer phone calls with impressive clarity.
  • Switch controls activate the Hear Protection and Enhancement function, adjusts volume, answers calls, and skips music tracks.
  • Sportfit ear hooks secure the ear buds in place, even while subjected to jostling or rapid movement.


The Axil GS Extreme 2.0 Digital Ear Buds provide impressive loud noise suppression to damaging sounds over 85 dB by digitally compressing the noise within milliseconds and not cutting it off completely like other ear muffs and buds are designed.  The GS Extreme ear buds are the perfect solution for tactical emergency responders and those who routinely work in potentially loud and unpredictable environments that can cause damaging hearing loss.  The GS pair of ear buds perform just as well for SWAT team operators as they do for everyday users listening to music at the gym or answering phone calls while driving.  The GS Extreme package includes three sets of tips (silicone, short foam, and max protect foam) which reduce loud noise levels by 19 dB, 29 dB, or 30 dB respectively.

Through a control switch on the lanyard, the Hearing Protection function can be activated and the volume adjusted.  This allows you to hear important ambient sound and speech while still retaining up to 30 dB hearing protection if a sudden noise such as gunfire or other explosion were to occur.  In constant noisy environments such as concerts, air shows, loud restaurants, etc., damaging noise is kept to minimum while normal conversations can still be understood.  The Bluetooth function allows pairing to common devices (smartphones, laptops, car audio, etc.).  Music or other audio can be played through the buds while the hearing protection and amplification is still activated, allowing you to maintain situational awareness while receiving connected audio.

The GS Extreme hearing protection has an impressive battery life of up to 25 hours when just the hearing enhancement and protection function is used, up to 9 hours if the Bluetooth audio is used by itself, or up to 8 hours when both the Bluetooth and hearing enhancement are used simultaneously.  If the unit simply remains paired to a device, it has up to 120 hours of standby time.  The unit is charged via a USB-C cable connected to the integrated lithium battery.  Sportfit ear hooks keep the ear buds comfortably in place within the ear canal and are specifically designed for rigorous physical activity.   The GS Extreme comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty that can be extended by 3 years.


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