Bulletproof Bodyguard Level IIIA Protection Switchblade Backpack Kit


Main Features:

  • Level IIIA backpack kit includes (2) soft armor panels for front and back protection when deployed as a vest.
  • Rated to stop nearly all handgun and shotgun threats up to a .44 magnum.
  • Stealth and stylish design, fully functioning with multiple cargo compartments.
  • Slash-proof and water resistant.
  • Molle system on front carrier allows for attaching a handgun or first aid equipment.
  • Velcro section for adding an identification or agency patch.
  • TSA Approved
  • US Patent Switchblade Deployment
  • Available in Black or Gunmetal Gray


The Bodyguard Bulletproof Switchblade Backpack is an innovative backpack designed to conceal a rapidly deployed front and back coverage vest that assembles in mere seconds.  This product offer is for the backpack carrier with Level IIIA protection soft armor panels included.  A version of the backpack with lightweight Level III plate protection against most rifle threats can be found HERE.  The backpack can accept up to (2) 10″ x 12″ and 1″ thick lightweight ballistic plates or (1) 11″ x 14″ front and (1) 16″ x 12″ back soft armor level IIIA panels.  The backpack by itself weighs 3.5 lbs and with Level IIIA panels it weighs 6 lbs.

When needed, the bulletproof vest deploys by reaching the pull tabs over the shoulders and pulling the concealed vest up and over the head.  The advantage of such a deployment system is that it allows the defender to keep moving to safety without needing to stop and take the backpack off to convert it into a vest.  The backpack has ample room for storage of textbooks, a laptop, etc., and molle webbing on the frontside of the carrier which allows for connecting a pistol holster or other equipment.  The bag is available in Black or Gunmetal Gray.

* NOTICE WHEN PURCHASING*  The BUY NOW link will take you to an affiliate link on the manufacture’s direct website.  You will be purchasing directly from Bodyguard and consequently all matters related to the transaction, refunds, exchanges, warranties, tracking information on shipping, and customer service will be handled by Bodyguard (Self Defense Company) and not Active Violence Solutions.  We are still happy to help answer any of your questions regarding the product before purchase.


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