AR500 A3 Steel-Polyethylene Hybrid Armor®- NIJ Level III+ Rifle Protection- Lightweight Shooters Cut


Main Features:

  • Steel/Polyethylene Hybrid Lightweight 10″ x 12″ AR500 plate.
  • Weighs only 4.6 lbs in Standard Shooters Cut.
  • Level III+ rifle threat protection up to 7.62×51 M80 Ball (.308 win) @2,780 fps.
  • Ergonomic curved design with .7″ thick profile.
  • Stand-Alone and Multi-Hit capable.
  • FragLock standard coating to reduce spalling.
  • 5 Year Shelf Life.


AR500’s A3 steel and polyethylene (PE) hybrid plate combines the best strengths of two different armor types to minimize weight and maximize the protection threat level.  The curved A3 armor plate’s steel strike face provides a higher level of protection than a PE plate alone.   A layer of polyethylene backs up the steel face, making the plate lighter than all other of AR500’s steel plates, but more durable than ceramic plates.  It’s rated to stop the most common variants of 5.56x45MM such as mild steel penetrator M855 “Green Tip”, M193 Ball and 7.62x51MM NATO M80 Ball.  This multi-hit rated plate is coated with FragLock coating that reduces spalling and assists in stopping penetrator rounds like the M855.  The A3 plate is 30% thinner than the company’s PE armor at only 0.7″, and it weighs only 4.6 lbs.  The curved ergonomic design is designed for both front and back placement in your carrier and is sized at 10″ x 12″.

Before your final purchase, you’ll also want to decide if you’d like to add a trauma pad for your plate.  Trauma pads are constructed of a non-Newtonian material and are designed for the sole purpose of reducing the amount of blunt force energy felt by the armor user.  They offer no additional ballistic protection and add about 5.9 oz and .25″ in thickness to your plate carrier.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 10 × 1 in
Trauma Pad

No Trauma Pad, 10" x 12" Trauma Pad (+$39)


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