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MIRA Safety DotPro 320 40mm Gas Mask Filter


Main Features:

  • Comprehensive protection from a wide range of NBC/ABEK threats
  • Full-spectrum CBRN and particulate rated for (A2B2E2K2 P3 R D) filtration
  • Complies with multiple international standards, including EN 14387:2004+А1:2008
  • Fits NATO-standard 40mm gas masks, respirators, and PAPR
  • Vacuum-sealed and labeled with expiration date
  • 7.5-year shelf life


The MIRA Safety DotPro 320 filters fit NATO-standard 40mm filter threads and are compatible with both the CM-7M and CM-6M gas masks found on our website.  This allows them to be used with other compatible full-faced masks, mouthpiece assemblies, or PAPR.  They have a shelf-life of up to 7.5 years when kept in their original sealed condition.  The DotPro 320 is a budget friendly version of the more expensive NBC-77 SOF filter with the primary difference being the shelf life of each filter.  The DotPro is designed to last in its sealed condition for 7.5 years as opposed to the 20-year shelf life of the NBC-77.  In all other respects, it provides the same full spectrum protection from NBC/ABEK threats.  A summary of some of the threats the filter protects against is shown below.  For a complete list of technical specifications and threat certifications, click on the PDF found here: DOTpro-320.

*Filter is shown attached to a gas mask.  Gas mask not included.


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