9.5″ x 13″ AR500 Armor®- NIJ Level III Rifle Protection Backpack Steel Armor (backpack not included)


Main Features:

  • 9.5″ x 13″ AR500 steel plate designed to fit common backpacks.
  • Thin .36” thick profile in Backpack Cut.
  • Level III rifle threat protection for 7.62 x 51mm M80 Ball (.308 win) @ 2,780 fps.
  • Most independently reviewed and tested body armor in the world.
  • Rugged and stress fracture resistant.
  • 20-Year maintenance free shelf life, outlasts Ceramic, and Polyethylene Body Armor.


This 9.5″ x 13″ steel core panel manufactured by AR500 Armor is designed to be inserted in a backpack, laptop pocket, bag, or briefcase.  Level III armor is rated to stop rifle threats up to 7.62 x 51 M80 NATO Ball (.308 Winchester) at speeds of 2,780 feet per second and all pistol calibers.  With the increase of active shooter events in which attackers are also using rifles instead of just handguns, level III armor provides additional coverage and peace of mind.  AR500 Armor is designed to absorb or deflect .308 ammunition and all lesser threats with a rugged ballistic grade steel core that’s been coated with a spall and fragmentation protective coating.  The result is an ultra-low profile ballistic core only .36″ thick that absorbs the bullet impact and reduces the chance of dangerous fragmentation to other parts of the body.  While steel core plates weigh significantly more than type IIIA soft armor rated for pistol and shotgun threats, AR500 has come up with a design which keeps the weight to about 9.4 lbs. – an amazing improvement from plates that used to weigh up to 20 lbs. or more.  The protective coating also protects the shield from corrosion, liquids, chemicals, and stress fracturing often seen when ceramic plates or untreated steel plates are dropped or bumped.  The AR500 Armor plates require no maintenance and have a shelf life of at least 20 years.  AR500 Armor plates are designed to withstand single shots and multi-hit threats.  *Photos depicted show a backpack which is not included and must be purchased separately.

Additional information

Weight 9.4 lbs


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