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AR500 Armor® Side Plate Pouch Emergency Personal Injury Kit (EPIK)


Main Features:

  • (1) Quikclot 25g Hemostatic Granule sponge
  • (1) HyFin Twin Chest Seal (or equivalent based on availability)
  • (1) Swat-Tourniquet
  • (1) H&H Thin-H Emergency Bandage
  • (2) Krinkle Super Sponge Gauze Pads – 6″ x 6.75″ (in single package)
  • (1) NAR Bear Claw Gloves (Large)
  • (1) Re-sealable heavy duty aLOKSAK


The AR500 Armor Side Plate Pouch is the perfect sized Emergency Personal Injury Kit to stop major bleeding injuries without the packaging and bulk of a nylon pouch when it’s not needed.  The Side Pouch EPIK is specifically designed to fit into the side plate armor pouch pockets of a bulletproof vest plate carrier.  This particular kit will fit into the AR500 Armor Operator II Plate Carrier side plate pocket in conjunction with an AR500 Armor Side Plate.

The Side Plate Pouch EPIK is nearly identical to the Pocket EPIK but slightly larger in size and the Side Pouch EPIK includes (2) HyFin Twin Chest Seals and (2) Krinkle Super Sponge Gauze Pads which are larger than the gauze supplied in the Pocket EPIK.  Chest Seals are essential components for treatment of penetrating chest injuries from gunshots or stabbings.  With 2 chest seals, both entry and exit wounds can be covered and managed when open trauma is present and/or tension pneumothorax is suspected in a sucking chest wound.  Larger gauze pads help stop severe bleeding resulting from gunshots, knifes, or arterial bleeding.  The total kit remains an economic, thin, and lightweight option that fits well in a body armor carrier or a backpack, vehicle glove box, or office desk.

The Side Plate Pouch EPIK includes Quikclot 25G hemostatic sponge, FoxSeal Chest Seals (or equivalent), Swat-Tourniquet (Swat-T), H&H Thin-H Emergency Bandage, Krinkle Super Sponge Gauze Pads, Medical Gloves, and a re-sealable aLOKSAK.  The heavy duty aLOKSAK provides water tight protection and is constructed from medical-grade FDA approved material offering protection from the elements.  The clear plastic allows you to quickly identify the contents and condition of your EPIK.  The Side Plate Pouch EPIK is compatible with all body armor carriers capable of accepting up to 6″ x 8″ Side Plate Body Armor.

Additional information

Weight.5 oz
Dimensions6 × 8 × 1 in


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